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Soul Khan- Pursuance – Stream/Review

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If your a fan of the truth, well hopefully you are, you’ll definitely dig this artist Soul Khan. A retired battle rapper, Soul Khan now focuses on putting out truthful and honest albums like his most recent release, Pursuance. He speaks on the immoralities in today’s world and suggests some ideas to fix them. Don’t mistake him for a preacher, he is merely sharing his opinion on a certain situation. With a deep and gritty voice, he will grab your attention and won’t let it go. Definitely worth a listen. If you want to purchase his album, visit his Bandcamp. Production by @. Follow him on Twitter @. Like him on Facebook. Check out some of his music videos on Youtube.

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That's What We DO!: Home Truths

10 Truths Black And Hispanic People Know, But White People Won’t Admit:

1. Elvis is dead.
2. Jesus was not White.
3. Rap music is here to stay
4. Kissing your pet is not cute or clean.
5. Skinny does not equal sexy.
6. Thomas Jefferson had black children.
7. A 5 year child is too big for a…

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