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Yelawolf Talks Interscope Problems with DJ Skee

Yelawolf sat down with DJ Skee to discuss a bunch of topics. At first they talk about Yelawolf’s latest mixtape Heart Of Dixie, but then they get into Yelawolf’s current situation with Interscope. Apparently Yelawolf isn’t feelin too much love over at Interscope as they aren’t helping to promote his music enough. Although bitter, he says music is his life, so the show must go on…in essence. After a little controversy they then get into the possibility of the Big Krit, Yelawolf album collaboration. Yelawolf said it would definitely happen and even PROMISED! I trust Yela, so I think we’ll see the album at some point…after Yelawolf releases his next mixtape and solo album. Busy guy. Interview after the jump. Oh, and if you still haven’t heard Yela’s debut album, Radioactive, I strongly recommend you do.

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