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The Audible Doctor Feat. Chaundon “Success (Part 1)” (Official Video)

The one and only Audible Doctor just dropped this dope video for “Success” Part 1. The track features the smooth talking, Bronx spitter, Chaundon and they both go in.

The setting of the video takes place in your run of the mill office building, where many of us are stranded trying to make ends meet. Chaundon leads off the track as the make-shift CEO of the video and explains how his hard work has helped him achieve success. As he asks “Where you wanna go, the South of France or South Africa…” we can tell this young man has made it quite far from his humble upbringings in the South Bronx.

Audible Doctor, on the other hand, represents the dude that is still in the process of trying to make it. He’s stuck in the office, his boss is a dick as he chucks papers in his face, he has to pay credit card bills and has had just about enough of this life. As he says “They won’t respect me, til I’m ridin in the hearse…” I dig that homie.

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