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Behind the Sences- 2 Chainz & Mike Posner – Lil Wayne- Original

Here are two behind the scenes videos. The first one has got Mike Posner and 2 Chainz kickin it in Mike Posner’s studio. It’s around 5 in the morning and the two artists are half awake, hard at work on their computers. Judging from the abundance of empty food trays, seems like they were in there all night. Aside from a lot of joking and slow slurred weed talk, they touch upon a couple projects they got planned, Posner’s recent success from writing Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” track (which is #1 across the planet) and also DJ Green Lantern wakes up from a weed induced nap on the couch to say what up. Also, you can check out some behind the scenes footage from Mystikal’s video “Original” ft Wayne and Birdman. I gotta say, whoever owns that house they filmed in…dammm! Also featured in video – hot bitches, Wayne signing some autographs and Birdman rubbing his hands. Both after the jump.

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