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New House Songs from Spinnin Defected Records 7/30/12

Here are a couple nice house drops from Spinnin + Defected Records. The first song up is by Iban Reus and is called ‘The Fucking Liar’. This is the first in line of house/tech songs. The next one up from Spinnin, a label that continually pumps out great music, is by Mason and is called ‘Animat’. This one gets a little bit crazier than the first, but keeps it line to deliver a good tune.

After that are two releases from Defected Records. The first song up is called ‘Beach Clubbing Ibiza’. It isn’t actually a song, it’s just samples of what will appear on the upcoming album. From the sound of the previews, it should be really good. Lastly but not least is a remix to Candi Staton’s ‘Halelujah Anyway’. It is only a preview, but it’s something very different & is a song that I’m very excited about hearing once it’s fully released. Check em all out after the jump!

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