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Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Sexuality in a Letter on Tumblr

In a surprising move, especially for a hip-hop artist, Frank Ocean took to his Tumblr to address the suspicions that he has feelings for the same sex. It was a bold thing to do, considering the unease some people still have around people that are gay. However, in the world we live in today and the openness we are supposed to have, it makes sense that someone finally came clean and wasn’t afraid to admit it. I was surprised myself, considering he is a new artist, with a new album coming out and this might not necessarily go over smoothly with a vast majority of hip-hop fans. However, with the backing of friends like Tyler the Creator and Russell Simmons, it seems as though we are finally making progression in the limitations society puts on homosexuals. In fact, this could very much help Ocean move some more albums because there are still many people in this world that are scared and hide behind themselves due to the fear that society will reject them.

Frank is definitely paving the way for more artists that may be bi or homosexual. It must have been tough for Ocean to come clean with his feelings, but it was something that had to be done. Maybe we can now turn the page, not be so critical of a person’s sexuality and just listen to his music…cuz what does your sexuality have to do with listening to good music anyway? NOTHING. Good for Frank and his movement and hopefully the rest of the music world will be on board with him too.

I know I don’t care either way…perhaps this can all be traced back to Lil B’s movement when he named his album “I’m Gay”…not that he is…he just made the word “gay” more acceptable by forcing people to see that the word has many different meanings and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. Now only if Justin Beiber finally comes clean…sorry had to throw in one joke.

You can check out the article from Spinner and Frank’s letter after the jump.

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