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Gunplay Speaks About Fight with G-Unit at BET Awards


Gunplay called in to 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” to speak about his fight with 50 Cent’s bodyguards at the BET Awards. He claimed “The Donkey’s” jumped him and it wasn’t an artist from the G-Unit circle. He then fought off his attackers before being pepper sprayed by a plain clothes officer. Meanwhile, Rick Ross got into a fight with Young Jeezy elsewhere at the hip-hop award show. When asked if there is a green light when 50 Cent or Jeezy come to MIami, Gunplay simpley stated, “No comment”. You can listen to his first hand account after the jump.

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The Game F**KS Up 40 Glocc

This video released today further leads to my doubts that the alleged “real” video of 40 Glocc runnin up on Lil Wayne’s Escalades (ya know, that “grainy” cell phone made video a few years back) when Wayne and Birdman were supposedly in the Compton projects. Why two of the richest people in hip-hop would be rollin through the Compton projects anyway, already makes no sense as it is. It’s all a bunch of bull.

And here is my proof to my belief that the video I just brought up was fake. 40 Glocc is just a scared lil snitch.

As you can see in this video, 40 Glocc gets his ass handed to him by The Game, who were both once signed to G-Unit together. As you can see, 40 Glocc is scared shitless when The Game wants to fight him. At first 40 Glocc flinches when The Game steps up to him. After backing away, 40 Glocc says some shit and then backs away again and hides behind some bushes until he pops out and The Game unleashes a series of hay-makers on him.

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