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DEWeezy Episode #1

Check out the first video in the webs series Evolution of DEWeezy. We get some cool access behind the scenes as Weezy and his skater friends team up to support Trukfit and the DEWeezy movement. There’s a cool interview from P.Rod and some footage of Weezy’s new friends skating around town, filming the commercial you currently see on t.v. They also get special access at Weezy’s concert and jump on stage to greet the rapper…who is conveniently drinking a Mountain Dew. I know this is all a blatent marketing ploy and for some reason Mountain Dew is trying to brainwash me, but still worth a watch.

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Lyrigraphic: Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV


Tha Carter IV took sooo long to get in our ears that the first thing we thought of when it finally dropped was… LISTENING PARTY!!!!!! We all grabbed our best leopard print jeggings, sunglasses, and party cups, and gave Tha Carter IV our full attention. 

But we didn’t stop there! We took furious notes on the album’s lyrics (‘cause that’s our schtick, right?) and made a *drumroll please*……. LYRIGRAPHIC! Words and pictures; together at last! Check out the fruits of our labour below!

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