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Shanell Releases "Nobody's Bitch" Mixtape - Runnin With It - Interviews, News, Music & More!Runnin With It – Interviews, News, Music & More!

Young Money’s Songstress, Shanell, dropped her debut mixtape “Nodoby’s Bitch” yesterday. The title pretty much says it all, but don’t take it negatively. She’s just standing up for women everywhere who need some extra, special lovin.

Shanell, your wish is my command.

She combines her sultry voice with some new age, electronic beats to deliver quite a unique experience. It’s R n’ B/Rock/Electronica. Definitely something very interesting. She also has features from Busta Rhymes + Too short to name two of the guests on the tape.

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Runnin With It’s Exclusive Interview with Young Money’s Shanell

I recently had the chance to interview the beautiful Ms.Shanell of Young Money. We got to speak about a bunch of topics such as her upcoming mixtape Nobody’s Bitch, the recording process behind it, what type of songs we can expect on the tape, the My Button” music video, how the collaboration with Lil Wayne and Drake for “So Good” came about, the visual for “So Good, and plenty more!

S/O – Ya herr me? 

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Ms. Shanell (Interview)

The Young Money Songstress- Shanell


Ms. Shanell of Young Money or rather just Shanell of Young Money, was born in California, but moved to the east coast at a young age. As a kid, her father taught Shanell and her siblings the art of music and performance. After living in Massachusetts for some time, she moved down to Atlanta where she attended the famous performing arts school, Tri-Cities High School. While there, Shanell took classes ranging from dance to singing. Once she graduated and perfected her art, she became a fixture on stage as a back up dancer for superstar Ne-Yo.

 After spending some time solely dancing and selling her songs, a young Lil Wayne took a liking to the versatile songstress. In 2008, the “Rapper Eater” signed the lovely Ms. Shanell to Young Money, where she flourished under the guidance of Wayne. There, she perfected her craft while working with budding superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj. 

Now, Shanell is combining all of her talents, directing included, and is slowly becoming the next big artist to be rolled out by Young Money. Already an accomplished dancer, Shanell is getting ready to release her debut album, which is set to hit shelves soon. With the combination of charm, sexiness and a voice that will rock your speakers, Shanell looks to be the next platinum artist in the stream of Young Money successes.

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When are where were you born?
I was born in Cali, I’m a Cali girl (laughs). But I moved to Massachusetts when I was young to be closer to my grandparents. After that I moved down to Atlanta, when my parents got divorced.
Is that when you began to sing? When you moved to Atlanta?
Oh, no. I had been singing way before that. Singing kind of runs in my family. My dad was a singer growing up, he was in a couple local bands. My sister is also a singer. We basically just followed in the path of our father. He was always encouraging us to sing and perform. My brother is actually in entertainment too. I don’t know, my father just always had a passion for performing and he passed it down to us.

How do you incorporate so many types of sounds in your music, you are very diverse?
Well living in Cali and then moving to South, definitely broadened my horizons. Those two places each have their own unique sound. I also listened to everything from Madonna to Lauryn Hill. Once I began writing, all of those sounds began to fuse together. I don’t really put my music in a particular genre because I like to experiment with so many different sounds. People come up to me and tell me I am creating a certain type of music, but I never even realized I was doing that. I was just doing what sounded good to me.

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