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Interview Coming Soon With Chicago's JR Donato & New Video for "Jugg"

Runnin With It Presents - Interview Coming Soon With Chicago's JR Donato & New Video for "Jugg"

Runnin With It Presents – Interview Coming Soon With Chicago’s JR Donato & New Video for “Jugg”

Runnin With It Presents – Interview Coming Soon With Chicago’s JR Donato & New Video for “Jugg”

Last month I released an exclusive interview with Hoodie Boy Ent rapper JR Donato a.k.a. Young JR. We talked about watching the fight go down between Gunplay and  50 Cent’s entourage, The Jetsons mixtape, growing up in Waukegan and more. Today, I was lucky enough to catch up with Chicago’s hottest up and coming rapper once again while he was back in town visiting New York.

Sheraton Interview Coming Soon With Chicago's JR Donato & New Video for "Jugg"

Sheraton on 7th Ave in NYC

Once we met up at the Sheraton on 7th Ave, we talked about visiting LA and recording with his mentor Wiz Khalifa, meeting Amber Rose, the recording process for his new mixtape “Different Altitudes”, his new street single and video for, “Jugg”, recording with The Jetsons and the rest of Hoodie Boy Ent, his venture into dubstep and much more.

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Upon Further Review- Stephen A. Smith Claims Tebow is Jets’ Answer

Stephen A. Smith says Tebow is Jets’ Answer to Winning:

By Jason Pollak

Stephen A. Smith is a good journalist. He thrives on facts, delivers the truth, and never restricts himself to one side of the argument. He always offers a full scope of ideas to the issue at hand and speaks in a respectable manner, albeit yelling sometimes. Hey, if it’s a good enough argument, he may even say you were right and he was wrong.

However, there has been one topic that Stephen A. Smith has refused to bend on. No matter the argument, who is saying it, how blue in the face he is or what forum he is on; he refuses to acknowledge that The Chosen One, God’s special child, Tim Tebow, can and should be a starter in the NFL. Naturally, this opinion is shared by a number of people

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Some Urban Music- Interview with Urbanizm Musics’ Sonic Skillz

Check out this interview I did with Urbanizm Musics’ Sonic Skillz. He’s a masterful producer and specializes in creating instrumentals with laid back, ambient sounds. Sonic Skillz’ music is mainly inspired from his life, such as his love for video games and video game instrumentals, hence the Sonic name. Another inspiration came from a bad car accident he was involved in. In Kanye West style, he decided to write about it, except Sonic Skillz did it without any lyrics.

Through deep emotions translated through music, Sonic was able to deliver an album, ”Road 2 Recovery”, detailing his painstaking healing process through instrumentals. You can really feel the actual pain that Sonic must have been feeling during this time. It really takes a great talent to communicate feelings through sounds and not only words. Quite an achievement.

Besides his numerous credits with Urbanizm Music, he has also done work with a multitude of artists such as SkyzooSha Stimuli and Mega Ran. Currently, he is working on a ton of instrumentals and albums that are set to hit airwaves soon. So stay tuned and keep reading for the full interview to find out more about this unique producer.

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Frenchie- Shake Clap (video), Interview BTS!

Here is the official video for Frenchie’s “Shake Clap”. He is part of Brich Squad Monopoly in case you didn’t already know and is currently in the process of launching his solo career. This is his first major video and will be appearing on BET. The video is directed by Masar and features many beautiful New York women.

Also, you can check out my exclusive behind the scenes content from the video shoot from a month or so back. Again, many beautiful women are featured. Video and BTS after the jizzump. You can also check out my interview with Frenchie here.

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