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K. Burns - Better Way [Video]

K. Burns - Better Way [Video]

K. Burns – Better Way [Video]

Brooklyn rapper K.Burns releases a new video for his single Better Way. It’s a very honest video and contains some footage which is not view-able for minors. He talks about better ways we can resolve our problems instead of using violence and guns. The video is shot in black and white and is accompanied by a crisp instrumental by Jay B. Follow him @Check out his website here for more music.

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White Rhino Performs at Webster Hall in NYC

On Saturday, June 30, BK’s own White Rhino took the stage at Webster Hall. The crowd packed into the famous concert hall as they were all eager to hear their favorite artist perform. The group is fronted by Julian Rhine, the leader of the Rhino’s, and he definitely did not disappoint. He showcased a full array of music ranging from 90′s hip-hop to alternative rock. He also showed off his rappin skills, combining hip-hop with some new and old types of sounds to create a show that was very unique and intriguing. To the unsuspecting passer-by, they might mistake his spit-fire flow for an automatic machine gun goin off, that’s how rabid and fast this boy can spit. The show was full of energy and the crowd never had a moment to rest in the 1 1/2 hour set. They belted out the words, sung, danced and maybe even cried. Overall, it was a great night. You can watch some great footage and pics from the performance after the jump.

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Interview with Brooklyn’s HollyWood Ric

Hollywood Ric, originally born in Jamaica, is currently one of the hottest rappers coming out of the New York area. In an era where some rappers have to use cheap gimmicks to sell records, Hollywood Ric has remained real and true to the heart of hip-hop. His lyrics represent himself as much as they represent the tough Brooklyn streets he grew up in. There is no need to exaggerate his lyrics because he has lived them.
Coming off his most recent mixtape “Hustle & Pain”, Hollywood Ric is continuing to burn the through the undergrounds of hip-hop of New York City into the mainstream limelight. Already a freestyle champion on MTV’s Sucker Free, Hollywood is now focusing his energy on producing the next hit album. Recently he has opened for the likes of XXL Freshman of the Year, Frank da Godson and has worked with multi platinum producer Shatek. Be sure to keep a look out for all of Hollywood’s singles and album drops which are set to come out soon. Check out his website at and @HollywoodRic.
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Hollywood Ric Interview!!

Today Run With It Interviews is giving you a double dose! Not only am I interviewing Kandi Girlz today, but I am also interviewing New York’s own Hollywood Ric. He’s got a crazy, smooth flow and is ready to break through into speakers everywere!

Check out some of his music-

Boss Music-

All I Want/Believe-

Moment 4 Life (Freestyle)-

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