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Company of Thieves at Bowery Ballroom

Company of Thieves performed at The Bowery Ballroom last Monday, June 13th.

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Last Monday night, Company of Thieves rocked out the Bowery Ballroom. They brought a ton of energy and put on a powerful performance. The Ballroom was packed out, eager to hear this break out band from Chicago. Coming off the release of their new album “Running Froom A Gamble”, there was quite a buzz in the crowd. There were fans there, some new and some old. Either way, the anticipation was high.

The lights dimmed and the crowd grew silent as they all waited for the first guitar chord to sound. After a bit of fine tuning their instruments, the lights went ablaze and Genevieve rushed out onto stage in bright red spandex pants and a cut off t-shirt.

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If anyone has never heard Genevieve sing, they would not expect to hear such a loud voice coming from such a small person. Nevertheless, she burst out on the microphone with the voice of someone who had been locked up in a dungeon for way too long. The band immediately settled in and went into their first song of the night “Look Both Ways”. The crowd stood there in amazement as Genevieve tore through the song with the vengeance to ignite a small army, or at least the 100 or so people in attendance. Her voice bounced off the walls as did the great melodies coming from Marc on his guitar in the background.

Altogether it was an astounding performance. Hearts were beating and at any moment it seemed as though the vibrant lead singer was ready to leap off the stage into the crowd. The band seemed really in tune as they cruised through their catalog of songs off the new album. They played their songs to such perfection, it seemed as though the album was playing directly through the speakers on stage. It truly was a great performance.

Towards the end of the show, the crowd grew in excitement as they waited for the rolling drum solo to start the smash hit “Death of Communication”. After performing “Nothing in the Flowers”, another great single and performance, the crowd got their wish. The rolling drum solo came in and an immediate spark hit the crowd. Genevieve then flew into the song and dazzled the audience with her soft vibrant voice. The guitar and drums were in sync as well with the bass  and keyboards to give off a feeling that couldn’t be felt listening to the song on the album. It then took off into the first chorus and the crowd became one with the band as they belted out all the lyrics. Perhaps the best part of the performance was the guitar solo in the middle as Genevieve burst off into dance as Marc took over and led them into the final chorus. As the song ended the crowd knew they had just heard something special.

It truly was a privilege to watch such a great band perform live. It is not often you find a band that sounds if not as good, but better live. Between using blow horns, her soft voice and overall explosion on the stage, Genevieve showed that she can hang in there with any lead singer, man or women. Though the band has gone through some lineup changes, it was hardly noticeable as Marc jammed along perfectly with his new drummer and bass player. There was one final special treat on the night as “Company of Thieves” was joined on stage by the previous bands to perform the exuberant song “Tallulah”. It was a great performance as they all brought down the house with this jazzy, rock song. If you haven’t had a chance to see “Company of Thieves”, well in simple terms, go see them. You are in for a one of a kind performance which features perhaps one of the best voices in music today. You have to hear it to believe it.

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