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12 Year Old Writes Letter to Mitt Romney – Calls Him Contradicting

Jackson Ripley Mitt Romney

Can’t wait until Fox newscasters try to rip into a 12 year old. You think Bill O’Reilly might take some shots at a child as well? I hope so, otherwise they would fail to meet up to their journalistic standards which resemble that of an 11 year old. So in some ways, this letter written by 12 year old Jackson Ripley would be too mature for Fox to handle.

This one letter, pretty much tells the story about the Romney campaign and why he will never win over hearts in America unless they are freeze chilled to -45 degrees Fahrenheit. Jackson Ripley, we all commend and thank you. Just read below to discover the simple and basic underlying reasons as to why Romney will never be elected. For one, Ripley points out that he contradicted himself about healthcare on two different national t.v. shows.

I can and probably will never understand why presidential candidates can flip-flop as much as this, but can get away with it live another day. Read the letter after the jump.

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