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Katy Perry Turns Down $20 Million Dollar American Idol Offer

Katy Perry Turns Down $20 Million Dollar American Idol Offer

Woa! 20 BIG ONE’s passed on! No, not twenty dollars, try $20 million dollars. That’s how much money Katy Perry walked away from to be a judge on this season’s American Idol. That’s $2 million more than Mariah Carey will be receiving! More than Mariah! No way.

Apparently though, Perry felt it was a wrong move for her career at the moment. Too bad, Perry would have definitely been a nice fit on this show considering the number of wann-a-be female pop stars. It would have been an interesting mix to say the least to see two different generations and genre of singers on one panel. Carey brings that strong vocal side and Perry brings good vocals, but more importantly your image and “sell-a-bility”. Would have been good mentors for the young-lings.

However, recent reports are saying Nicki Minaj is now the front-runner for the position for a cool $8 million. A deal that Carey is reportedly not too fond of. No official reports…just some ramblings online. Don’t know if there is any “beef” in any of that.

But I do have to ask, other than being a standout star for really just only over a year and a half, what qualifies Minaj to judge a person’s singing voice? I mean J. Lo was no Whitney Houston, but she did at least sing for the most part and had years of “star” experience. The only thing Minaj sings is either enhanced in the studio or later lyp-synced on stage. She definitely knows how to sell herself and will bring in a huge, young teenage audience, but, that whole singing part still erks me. It’s like American Idol is saying, in order to be a star, you don’t need to actually sing, just have good presentability and sponsors. Worked for Milli Vanilli…for a little.

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