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Torion – Scream Tour (Mixtape)

Torion – Scream Tour (Mixtape)

If you haven’t heard of Torion, he is Lil Wayne + Young Money’s prodigy. We already got Drake, Nicki, Tyga and more to come, but this one…this one is different. If you haven’t seen him in Lil Wayne’s PSA he put out about Torion, you can see that here. As Wayne dubbed him, “The Future”, he is showing why and is getting better at an exponential rate. His flow, lyrics and musical abilities keep improving on every mixtape. He already has released three mixtapes- “The Initiation”, “The Dream Sequence” + “Reality Is…”, but “Scream Tour” is something else.

It has 5 brand new tracks and you can really hear how he keeps diversifying by taking on R n’ B, hip-hop, soul and just flat out singing. Oh yea, forgot to mention, he’s 14. At the rate he is going, who knows when he’ll hit the mainstream and a city near you. With Young Money and Wayne behind this artist and project, the sky is really the limit.

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