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Hip Hop Updates 8/23/12 – Week of the Collaboration – Eminem Slaughterhouse, Busta Rhymes Rick Ross, Frank Ocean Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tyga The Game More!

The first song up on today’s hip-hop update is Busta Rhymes feat. Rick Ross and Trey Songz. Busta goes off on “Til We Die” as he lays out two crazy verses. Rick Ross does his thing as usual in the middle and Trey Songz ties the song together with some attitude on the chorus. This song is off Busta’s “Year of the Dreagon”, which is a free release and the first off YMCMB.

The next up is a release from Frank Ocean featuring the steady rising Kendrick Lamar. Great collaboration and Ocean really steals the show on this one although Kendrick holds it down as well. After that is probably the dopest collab out of these. Slaughterhouse ft Eminem + Skylar Grey in “Our House”. If this isn’t the most lyrical group and song out, I don’t know what is. Oh yea, did you see the Eminem feature? After hearing this verse, I can only imagine what is going to be on his next album. It’s gonna be some “ridiculous shit” as that Russian or fake Russian dude says on those Youtube videos with the guns…? Anyone?

Coming up to bat next is The RZA ft Boy Jones (ODB’s son). Slight resemblance to his father, but definitely different. Always nice to hear RZA breathe somethin on a track.

Anyway, to round it out, we lastly have the biggest (as in numbers) collab of the day in “Celebration” by The Game feat. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Tyga. You already know with that song. Doesn’t dissapoint. Listen to everything after the jump.

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