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Live From Brazil- Interview With DJ Producer Audio Art Live

Check out this cool interview I did with Audio Art Live, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a wide range of DJing skills, from deep house, to minimal, to electronic and even some disco. His songs are chilled back, but do pack that bit of energy to make you want to move.

“A lot of people are using playback and making a big mistake in the scene. It is devaluing the profession and all its good performers and producers”

It’s hard to classify him as one type of producer due to the diversity of his songs, but I can definitely classify it as really fuckin good! Be sure to check out his Facebook, follow on Twitter and favorite his tracks on Soundcloud. Keep reading for the full interview from this knowledgeable producer. You can listen to some tracks too as you go along. Enjoy!

Recently, his “Butter Remix” was charted #44 out of 100 on! Congrats!

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