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Lil Wayne Pushes Dedication 4 Back Due To Skating - Runnin With It - Interviews, News, Music & More!Runnin With It – Interviews, News, Music & More!

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Lil Wayne said last week in an offhand comment during an interview that he was dropping his highly anticipated Dedication 4 mixtape on August 15. However, if anyone was paying attention yesterday, that didn’t quite happen. We were left a little in the dark as to why, but as is typical, no one was really all that surprised that it got pushed back.

So instead of receiving the Dedication 4, hosted by DJ Drama, we got three new releases instead. The first was a “Bag Of Money” remix, which you can listen to here. A couple of minutes later, we got a single off DJ Khaled’s “Kiss The Ring” album featuring The King, T.I. You can listen to that here.

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