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Prometheus Deleted Scenes Carl Sagan’s Letter to Mars Explorer’s

The fellows, or perhaps just fellow, over at Giant Freakin Robot always are posting interesting science news. Well today, here is one story from science fiction and one from reality. First up are some deleted scenes from Prometheus.

If you have not seen the movie, I don’t think this will ruin it too much, but it will give some ideas away about the movie. So, yea, probably skip past that. For those that have seen this movie and have been left a bit dumbfounded by the huge plot holes, hopefully this will fill you in a little bit. Overall, seems like Ridley Scott and the studio kept the movie short in theatres, put these clips on the DVD to raise sales and then keep us waiting until they release the sequel.

Fuck you Hollywood, but thank you for giving us something.

After that, you can check out an interesting message Carl Sagan left for future human explorers on Mars. Kinda cool how he predicts the future and how similar times were when he recorded this and where we are now. The ideas are still pretty much the same. Perhaps he was just ahead of his time…

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