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Striving for Perfection- Interview with Recording Artist Quest

Quest is an upcoming rapper from Miami. He has a spitfire flow and will surely perk your ears up as soon as you listen to him. His music is quite unique, as he combines raw hip-hop with dubstep/rock instrumentals. Together, it creates a musical experience unlike any other artist in the game today. With production from Mt. Eden and The University, who have produced tracks for J. Cole, the album has a full sound and something for everybody. If you are having a rough day, Quest is definitely the artist to listen to. He has been through it all and inspires everyone to take smart chances and go for your dream.

His latest album, “Fear Not Failure”, debuted to tremendous reviews and is still growing in downloads and listens to this day. From tracks and videos like “Gambler” to “Something to Prove”, Quest is showing why he is in fact someone to take a serious interest in. He is beginning to turn a lot of heads in the industry and will surely be around for quite some time. In a way he reminds me a bit ofKendrick Lamar and how he recently blew up, due to his originality and hard work to give us a full length EP in the form of a mixtape. This is what Quest accomplishes on “Fear Not Failure”. It’s really a piece of art to slowly digest and take in.

Quest also recently opened up for DMX in Ft. Lauderdale and said this, “It was a dream come true. I remember listening to DMX when I was 10 years old and he was untouchable. I would dream that I would be able to meet him. The fact I can open up for him is just amazing. It’s absolutely incredible.”

He also recently wrapped up his first mini tour across California and will continue to blaze his path through the music scene as time goes on. Definitely be on the lookout for this one and be sure to give his mixtape “Fear Not Failure” a listen..or two.

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