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Rick Ross- Hold Me Back

Here is the official visual for Rick Ross’s song “Hold Me Back”. Unfortunately you wont be able to see this on BET anytime soon, as they announced last week they were banning it. Not sure if it was banned on other stations such as MTVFUSE, etc…Seems quite odd since the video highlights the poverty stricken New Orleans, which in turn raises awareness about how diminished the area is, which is what I think Rick Ross’s whole point was.

The visuals themselves do not portray an X rated content, so I guess BET thought the language was too much? You would think BET would promote a video like this which denounces haters, raises awareness about poverty and showcases what hard work and hustle can do. Guess BET is trying to distance themselves from a certain “hardcore” image into a more “friendly” image. BUT, who really cares about politics when the internet has everything from Rick Ross singing songs to Rick Ross eating cheeseburgers to Rick Ross smoking on a boat. So, fuck em. Enjoy the video after the jump.

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