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Joe Budden Previews Put It Down Like You ft Lil Wayne, Twista & Tank

Joe Budden previewed the full version of his song Put It Down featuring Lil Wayne, Twista and Tank yesterday on Skype. This song is gonna be absolutely massive. Joe Budden is one of the dopest MC’s in the game today. I really think he deserves to be mentioned with the Eminem’s, Wayne’s and Fifties of this world. He is really underrated, mainly due to his borderline insanity, but he’s clearly been takin some meds or somethin and has toned down his usually very blunt and outspoken comments. He’s just bein him, but it just sometimes don’t fly with, well the “people upstairs”.

It’s too bad Budden kinda fell off the grid after his first album years ago and has kind of been wallowing in the underground since, but with the Slaughterhouse album coming out and a feature with Wayne and the underrated Twista as well…this should help put him up there with the other guys. Go get em Joey!! Also, gotta love Joe smokin a Newport midway through the song. Now…that’s a boss. Video/song after the jump. It also feels cool to be able to do a post with Budden and Wayne…bout fuckin time they put semantics aside and did a goddamn track together.

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