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Jessica Sanchez Lands Deal With Interscope

If you were paying attention to last seasons’ American Idol, you were probably having a difficult time choosing between Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez when they both made it the finale. Now, GOOD NEWS! You don’t have to choose anymore. Sanchez reportedly inked a deal with Interscope, which is run by Jimmy Iovine, who served as a makeshift producer for the idol contestants throughout the competition. Iovine also has American Idol winner Phillip Phillips signed to his label after the young star won the competition a few months ago. So now everyone’s back together again…perhaps there will be a Jessica Sanchez – Phillip Phillips collab coming? Who knows, but Sanchez reportedly landed a role on the upcoming season of Glee and will also be on the American Idol tour this summer. You can read the full article from AOL Music after the jump

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