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Kepstar- Shades of Grey (mixtape)

You gotta check out this dope artist from Queens, New York. He goes by the name Kepstar and he is one of the freshest talents in the music industry today. He’s still grindin hard in the underground world, but is slowly starting to turn heads further up the ladder. Joe Budden has already recognized Kepstar’s talents and is featured on the song “1 Up”. In a similar approach to Nas, Kepstar takes us into the streets, yet provides us with some very insightful lyrics about life and living in NYC.

We are all tryin to make it in this world and Kepstar is no different than me or you. He brings himself down to a real level where we can all vibe and feel what he is saying. Right now we are in a tough economy and Kepstar does his best to turn a negative situation into a positive one. The album also features a great track called “Goodbye Yesterday” and an equally great video that you can view here. Other features include- Devo D, Termanology and T.J. Fox. Stay tuned for the interview coming soon…You can stream/download his mixtape after the jump!

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